Brazilian design group






Guys, I feel like you know your fashion and can find a good bargain. with this in mind, you are going to be our design group. Get creative and share ideas on this page. Design is a crucial part of a Brazilian carnival, therefore, you have a big job on your hands, good luck!


19 thoughts on “Brazilian design group

  1. guys are you not going to you know communicate with each other we will not get everything done in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. hi star me and George are doing the mag and you or Marcus need to finish the power point or Leon will do it because he has nothing to do George is also doing the video about fashion


  2. hi star i have just finished the script also i have added a few more slides for the power point to go with the script is that OK i really hope it goes well tomorrow and no ones off this is really important don’t you think?


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