Brazil food group





Foodies! You all did a cracking job when we put together our world food day, therefore, I have chosen you guys to be our food experts…Brazilian style! Food is a huge part of Brazilian culture and your job is to bring Brazilian cuisine to St Thomas More’s. Good luck…Ready, steady, cook!


13 thoughts on “Brazil food group

  1. lets buy the ingredient all together but don’t buy it twice guys. Remember we have to serve for 30 people or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Yep!!! I think we should go further with the steps to success and do some other things. I will try and find a time for the official menu this afternoon after school, and I really hope we do more planning today! Shouldn’t a raffle be easy? The only problem is getting the prize food. We could definately set up tables and chairs for people to eat on. Two or three, maybe?



    Pack of coffee cookies 50p
    Bauru £1.50
    Brazilian Lemonade £1.50
    Pastels £1.25
    Acai £2.75
    Orange Juice 25p
    Brigadeiro £2.50
    Bolinho de Chuva £2.75
    Apple juice 25p
    Passion fruit pudding £2.25
    Beef ribs £4.00
    Blackcurrent 25p
    Pack of Pão de Queijo 75p
    Pork ribs £3.75
    Coconut water £3.50
    Brazilian Choc pudding £1.00
    Vatapa £4.50
    Coconut milk £3.50

    Sorry if it’s copied weirdly, but this is the menu I have thought up so far.


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