Flexing our perseverance muscles!

Pegasus class today did a test to see how much we had strengthened our perseverance muscles. Everyone thought that Mr Vaux had lost the plot when he suggested we could achieve the impossible: Moving objects… WITH OUR MINDS!

‘It CAN’T be done Mr Vaux’ was where we started. This is where we finished!

Anything is possible with focus and will power.


Anglo- Saxon Homework discussion

I know a lot of you have made a great start to your homework. We’ve had models, longboats, armour and even cookies! Yes… COOKIES!

If anyone wants to discuss homework then this is the place to do it. If you have great ideas or are looking for some inspiration, then leave a comment below.

Good luck!

Brazil food group





Foodies! You all did a cracking job when we put together our world food day, therefore, I have chosen you guys to be our food experts…Brazilian style! Food is a huge part of Brazilian culture and your job is to bring Brazilian cuisine to St Thomas More’s. Good luck…Ready, steady, cook!

Rio-Carnival group





Dancing enthusiasts! All 4 of you have different skills in a genre of dance (Irish dancing, ballet and disco). Dancing plays a critical role in the Rio carnival and it’s your job to research this and put your own dance together. It needs to be cool, slick and sassy! Good luck team!

Brazilian sport group






Hi team, you all have shown me in one way or another that you know a thing or two about sports, whether through talking or showing me your skills. Brazil is world renowned for their ability to play sports, therefore, you will need to produce ‘THE’ sporting event of the year! Oh and by the way, it’s the Rio Olympics this year and your challenge is to create a professional, safe and fun environment like this massive event! Good luck team!

Brazilian design group






Guys, I feel like you know your fashion and can find a good bargain. with this in mind, you are going to be our design group. Get creative and share ideas on this page. Design is a crucial part of a Brazilian carnival, therefore, you have a big job on your hands, good luck!

Brazilian research and organisation group





I have put you in this group as I think you all have good leadership/organisation skills. Please use this group to share ideas and make this years St Thomas More’s Brazilian Carnival the best one yet! This is a big responsibility however you all have the skill set to achieve wonderful things, good luck!